2013 – Commentaries Vs M7 after Madiba Memorial_1.1

Uganda Monitor of 2013-12-12
Comments By: Wilson Abinikua

Had leaders like Mr. Museveni of Uganda, been imprisoned for 27 years, for political reasons and then released, real hell would have broken loose and non of his enemies, would have survived the brand of that hell fire, to this day, just to say the least.
I don’t believe that, he has the political and moral goodwill, tenacity and magnanimity, charisma and wisdom, fortitude and temperament, commitment and determination, tolerance and perseverance, in relentlessly fighting for and pursuing democratic ideals and freedoms, justice and the rule of law, equality and inclusiveness, human rights and civil liberties, among other things, necessitating a democratic, fair and just society, of which Uganda is yet to be, or not to be, so to speak and as a matter of course. Only time will tell.

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