2013 – HBP-Magnesium in nuts beans squash good for you_1.1

 This ONE important mineral, most people lack,  can completely cure high blood pressure.

A lot of physical conditions can cause stress on the body that leads to high blood pressure, and one of the easiest stressors to eliminate is that which is related to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Many people don’t take mineral deficiency seriously, though, and could consequently be making a deadly but preventable mistake.

One of the most common minerals people are deficient in is featured today.

The Journal of Hypertension recently published the results of an Indian study that looked specifically at magnesium intake and the effects of magnesium deficiency on health markers such as hypertension.

Magnesium is one of those nutrients like vitamin D that is critically needed in almost every tissue and system in the entire body. Deficiencies in it have caused muscle weakness and atrophy, brittle bones, unnecessarily high heart rates, poor blood sugar metabolism, and a host of other problems, all that can themselves lead to high blood pressure.

But, like the Indian study showed, magnesium deficiencies can also lead to poor arterial health, which directly causes high blood pressure.

Not only did the study find that people with the lowest levels of urinary magnesium secretion had the highest blood pressure overall, but they also found that those with the lowest magnesium levels were also metabolically the unhealthiest groups.

High BMI (body mass index), obesity, insulin resistance and other markers linked to Metabolic Syndrome were all present in the low-magnesium group.

There were no statistically significant differences in blood sodium levels between the healthy, normal blood pressure groups and the unhealthy, high blood pressure group, lending more evidence to the notion that nutrition efforts focused on reducing salt intake for those with high blood pressure isn’t as helpful as increasing intake of other needed nutrients.

Eating foods rich in magnesium such as nuts (any kind), wheat bran, beans (any kind) and squash (any kind) is the most efficient way to get the needed amounts. Coincidentally, these same foods are the most highly recommended for those with metabolic disorders because of their abilities to lower cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure.

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