2013-Ten things to do everyday at work:

JTO: “It’s the list of ten things I try to do every workday. Yes, there are days when I don’t get them all done, but I do my best to deliver. It has proven very effective for me. They are”:

1. Read something related to my industry;
2. Read something related to business development;
3. Send two emails to touch base with old colleagues;
4. Empty my private client inbox by responding to all career coaching questions within one business day;
5. Check in with each team member on their progress;
6. Have a short non-work related conversation with every employee;
7. Review my top three goals for my company that are focused on its growth;
8. Identify and execute one task to support each of my top three goals;
9. Post five valuable pieces of content on all my major social media accounts;
10. Take a full minute to appreciate what I have and how far I’ve come;
This list could be longer. BUT…

What things do you do every day to advance your career or your business?

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