2014 – 2nd Werk Adventure PG_2.1

Yello, am now in Prince George BC already and actually went 2 work today- Mini orientation & got the keys 2 the complex as well a new Picture ID.

Am on. I also miss the Lower Main Land which I vacated on 2014 April Fools’ Day. And my 1st weekend is coming up.
Weather is nice & its warming up faster here as the snow banks are starting to thaw themselves up. Highs of 7°C & Lows are now 0°C. Not bad. Thanks God to the recent 1 week Winter Survival course (sub-Arctic temperature one nite was -41°C) in the 57 Ridge, Gray Wells Provincial Park BC.

Am excited and looking forward to start my adaptation to this northern city. The 2nd adventure is on. Am on too.

Summer is going to be upon us pretty quick. Two rivers surround PG: Nechako and the Great Fraser river that flows southwards to empty its contents out of its delta in Vancouver.


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