2015 – Colon Cleanse 4 <$5_1.2

How to Do a Natural Colon Detox for Under Five Dollars:

There are tons of health benefits attributed to colon detoxification.
[citation needed] The colon acts as your body’s “plumbing,” expelling waste, so it makes sense that it is the root of your body’s health. Because of our unhealthy diets—and the many toxins in the air, environment and water—our bodies accumulate more waste than we can easily get rid of. By participating in a colon detox, the huge amount of accumulated wastes and toxins are eliminated, allowing the body’s organs to perform more efficiently.

Tips and Warnings:

Gather the ingredients:
Orange juice (with pulp), 64 oz. carton, $3.99
Arrowroot powder, 1 pound, $2.79
Vitamin C crystals powder, 4 oz. bottle, $7.69
Concord grape juice (organic), 32 oz. bottle, $5.99
Ground Flaxseed Meal, 16 oz. bag, $3.99
Magnesium Oxide Powder, 100 capsules, $6.95
Mix together 1 oz. orange juice ($0.06), 2 large teaspoons arrowroot powder ($0.06), 1 large tablespoon vitamin C crystals powder ($0.96) and drink. If the mixture is too thick to drink, add a little bit more orange juice. After drinking the mixture, take one sip of water to swish and swallow—this clears the esophagus.
Rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth. Do not drink any more liquid the night after this (even if you’re thirsty).
When you wake up the following morning, do five sets of 10 sit-ups and massage your abdominal area.
Fill a 16 oz. jar (such as a peanut butter jar) with Concord grape juice ($2.81), leaving about one inch of room from the top. Then add these ingredients: 1 large 2tablespoons ground flaxseed powder ($0.12), ½ teaspoon of vitamin C crystals ($0.16), 3 opened capsules of magnesium oxide (900 mg total)($0.21) and drink.
Drink at least 24 oz. of water (or herb tea) within the following 20 minutes.
Wait 30 more minutes after your last sip of water before eating breakfast.


While the initial cost of the colon cleansing ingredients is $31.60, the actual amount of the ingredients that you are consuming for one colon cleanse equals $4.38. So, in reality, you are detoxifying your colon for under $5.00!
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If you experience diarrhea after taking the mixtures, use less vitamin C crystals powder in future colon cleansings. On the other hand, if you are not having to go to the bathroom very often that first night, add more vitamin C crystals powder in future colon cleansings.
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Research before purchasing the ingredients—at the time this article was written, a bottle of vitamin C crystals powder could be found for under $5.
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If the second, grape juice mixture is too strong, you can dilute it with water.
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