2014 – Techie Winter Survival Course_2.1

Hello, my 2014 Winter & Cold Weather Management story. Takes place in the Interior BC, Wells Gray Provincial Park.

A better bravely winter story: I got back 6:30pm yesterday, 2014 March 1st, from a successful 6 day Winter Survival Course, I had lots fun too: snow shoeing, snow cave building(that is one hell of a frozen home), mountain climbing in deep snow & Avalanche safety course and snow profiling course. Snow hiking after being dropped off by chopper in the provincial park’s hut. Mountain Backpacking(60Lbs on my back & 10Lbs boots for -100°C on my feet) roughing it, no mattresses, (a thermorest, a bevy sack and a sleeping bag with its liner rated for -40°C are part & parcel of the sleeping gear) & a new arctic rated longjohns, a similar top underwear and a Mighty Goretex pants which always kept me dry, and a top puffball hoodie. We melt & boil snow to make drinking water, tea or even coffee and soft drinks.
Pee in your other empty water bottle & close cap tightly…throw that full warm bottle in your sleeping bag booooom, there’s a second source of heat. In the dark, try to tell which one was the one u filled earlier with a boiled water for drinking!!!.

One guy fell sick stomach flu or something on Thursday. I survived Monday to Friday but last nite I cot a little runny nose & coff & lil upset stomach. I suspect stomach flu as I had all its symptoms. Am feeling better already. Most times no cell coverage in Clearwater & Wells Gray Provincial Park, 57 Ridge…Interior BC…Google. Nice there but Alpine Arctic temperatures, 7000feet above ground. I survived. Recovery mode now. And now snow here too. Nothing compared to 57 Ridge. Arctic temps.
When my fellow Tech & travel buddy got to Kamloops is when the msgs came in. I was the one driving our Suburban. There was mild snowing on Coquahalla Highway. The rest of the trip was smooth.


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