2015 – GMO Labeling is gr8_5.2

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2015 – 0422 GMO Labeling is good.

Lableling of GMO’s should be implemented on the federal level but as usual Vermont leads the nation forward. Labeling is science in action. Knowing the ingredients, fats or tranfats, protein, vitamins and now GMO’s is good for scientists, people with allergies, people on diets, researchers, athletes and everyone else. Labeling foods is a essential and gives a useful scientific insight into our diet. The rest of the civilized world labels GMO’s and now Vermont leads the way in the US. Congratulations Vermont! I wish my state had half the wisdom yours does.

Is corn with a gene tuned on to glow in the dark
or build in pesticides
or with built in pharmaceuticals the same as regular corn?
Why would anyone object to knowing if some lab worker shot in an experimental gene that had never ever been in corn or any natural product? Knowing that your corn has genes from bacteria, a virus, a centipede, monkey, pig or human is something that most people especially research scientists would like to know. Why hide that fact from consumers?
Is putting in any genes in food ok?
GMO corn is already heavily engineered. What will it be like in 2 years, 5, 10, etc. Without GMO labeling at what point do we decide that this GMO corn with a variety of genes from insects, viruses, bacteria, and aardvarks can no longer be called just corn.
If genetic engineering can do wonders can’t it also by accident or on purpose be used to create foods that cause allergies, indigestion or death or even be used to engineer viruses for bioterrorism? The answer is yes. People have a right to know. Labeling GMO’s is a good idea. Why hide constantly changing genetically engineered foods? Why not label them now and be done with this otherwise eternal question.

Labeling GMO’s is easy, just like putting the ingredient Corn on a label now manufacturers will instead need to add Corn (GMO). It’s a tiny amount of ink on the label, simple and not a big deal. They already do it all over Europe and the same foods there cost less then here in the US.

When labeling was proposed a hundred years ago manufacturers of food at that time loudly complained that they had the right to put anything they wanted into processed foods. The evolution of labeling is just continuing. Opposing GMO labeling is ludicrous and mostly backed by Monsanto and DOW who also loudly say people don’t have the right to know it’s GMO and worry labeling would affect their bottom line. GMO labeling is essential and is science in action.

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