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So…? Sinful So…? for women
So…? Sinful So…? for women
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So…? Sinful So…? for women Pictures
So…? Sinful is a blend of strawberries and juicy pineapple, followed by violet, water-lily and jasmine and a rich creamy vanilla and dark chocolate base for the ultimate sensual fragrance.

It is available as 10, 20, 50 and 100 ml EDT and 75 ml body fragrance.

Perfume Pyramid
Top Notes
Pineapple  Mint

Middle Notes
Violet  Big Strawberry

Base Notes
Vanille  Praline  Musk

Main Notes According to Your Votes
Vanille64Praline37Violet21Musk16Big Strawberry16Mint14Pineapple12
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User votes
poor 0

weak 6

moderate 11

long lasting 5

very long lasting 1

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soft 4

moderate 16

heavy 2

enormous 2

So…? Sinful 1oz Women’s Eau de Toilette
C $24.20
So..? Kiss Me! So…? Sexy So…? Sinful body sprays women girls fragrance
C $29.00
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SO…? SINFUL-Women’s 1.7 oz/50mL EDT Perfume Spray-New-Eau De Toilette
C $19.40
C $20.61
So…? SEXY , Kiss me & Sinful Eau De Toilette 30 ML (each) gift set LARGE SIZE
C $39.00
Free Shipping
So…? Sinful & So…? Kiss Me Eau De Toilette & lip balm gift set
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Sensuous by Estee Lauder for Women EDP Spray 1.7 oz NEW AND SEALED
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BeautiControl Brown Sugar EDT 1.7 fl. oz.
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Bombshell pink diamonds limited edition
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Calvin Klein Eternity 3.4oz Men’s Eau de Toilette NEW
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Bond No. 9 Riverside Drive 3.4oz
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This perfume reminds me of  
Bruno Banani Woman

So…? Sinful Fragrance Reviews
It’s a very sweet and playful fragrance… I definitely get the full gourmand effect here. Mostly praline, pineapple, hints of strawberry & an edge of mint, some sugary vanilla, and hints of powdery violets and musk.

Good choice for younger crowd, can also be worn by people under 30, but still light and non-serious enough to be worn in other situations. Not bad, and if you like gourmands, then it delivers a lot more than it’s price tag. A good choice for a younger audience, and does it’s job well.

This is one lovely and playful fragrance. I was walking through Wal-Mart and seen this on sale for $7.99. I thought it was a great deal so I scooped it up and I’m so glad I did. The pralines and vanilla shines through from start to finish on me. The lasting power is about 4 hours but I can make it last longer by spraying it on my clothing.

Princess Adora
Princess Adora
I just bought this today in the large 100 ml bottle and agree that this is sweet and gorgeous it does smell very similar to the fiorucci perfume but that’s the reason I bought this because I couldn’t find a big bottle of fiorucci and only got the 27 ml one but the so sinful was so similar and on special in a large bottle that I have to get it, it is indeed a very vanilliry scent and very creamy with a hint of fruit , my husband likes it when I wear ” lolly” scented perfumes as he call them and prefer these over strong soapy scents which is fine with since I usually wear sweet perfume anyway,I recommend this to anyone who likes fiorucci but have problems finding it because this is pretty close to that scent.

I love when my wife wears this scent. The vanilla comes out well, together with the more sweeter scents. On her skin it is warm, sensual and exciting and it always attracts my attention. It is one of her favourite perfumes, as it is mine. I am actually carrying a bottle of this perfume with me wherever I go, just to smell it whenever I think of her or miss her.

What a lovely surprise for such a cheap little bottle of juice! I agree that it does not last long, but is a far more economical purchase than the glorious flowerbomb and TF’s Black Orchid, of which I am distantly reminded. I love sweet floral perfumes. This smells like a bubbley gum opening that lasts about ten minutes, and then it is lovely vanilla sugared flowers with a hint of strawberry. Sometimes, I can be a bit of a ‘perfume snob’, but this is so nice, I bet with a blind testing it would come out shining! Normally on me, perfume with musk in can smell like cat pee after a while, but this does not. Right… off to stock up!

I am enamored by this scent. It smells like chocolate, vanilla, berries, and powder. Although it is sweet, it is a soft scent, not overwhelmingly syrupy. On me the chocolate is more prevalent than the vanilla, and the violet adds the subtlest hint of soft powder. The overall effect is one of airiness and lightness. I love this.

I used to have this fragrance in a multipack with 2 others and i liked it. I would reccomend it to 10-15 year olds only because its a sassy fragrance but its very sweet and light. I would also reccomend you to use it in atumn or winter since its not fresh enough for spring or summer. Over all i would rate this perfume 6.5/10.

Ok tried this today in Superdrug (it was on offer for £2.99) before I went ahead and bought it I gave it a quick spray on my wrist, but OH!!! I got the worst headache ever after about 2 seconds. When I was in my teens I guess I could tolerate the strength.
I use to love this fragrance, but not anymore! 😦

When I was in my teens I use to wear this. VERY VERY strong. The perfume can make you sneeze and give you a headache just as much as the body spray, but at least you have more control with the perfume as to how much you use. You definitely don’t need much.
Very sexy perfume. I still smell it on people now.
@vattenmelon, if you find a So…? Fab perfume/body spray it is very similar, but a little less powdery so you shouldn’t sneeze as much 🙂 (fyi, the fab perfume isn’t listed on here yet)

oh my god i have the body spray and i sneeze all the time! maybe its just the body spray,but i like the smell, its veery heavy. super sweet but still dark. sexy perfume

I like this perfume, it’s definitely for a teenager or a younger woman, I loved to wear it at school and was often asked what it was.

It doesn’t last very long, but for the price I was impressed by it overall.

My favourite perfume, and so cheap! I once sprayed this in the ladies toilets and everyone was asking me what it was and where it was from 🙂

I love this perfume! It’s so sweet. It reminds me of cotton candy and marshmallows! I can only imagine teenagers wearing this perfume. Only dislike is it doesn’t long.

I really love this perfume! It’s amazing for such a cheap price. You wouldn’t believe this was a fragrance worth about 10 euros if you just smell it on someone.

I smell vanilla and chocolate mostly, sometimes a little whiff of strawberry too. It’s delicious and seductive and for a person who by day likes to wear soft perfumes, this would be perfect for the night. Sweet!

On my VERY pale nordic skin this lasts for hours. This is not any sillage bomb but I’m fine with that, it’s not a skin scent either. All in all, very nice and definitely worth the price. It’s not even boring though it’s pretty linear! I would recommend this to any sweet gourmand lovers with a budget.

This is a lovely and softly sweet scent. I find I like it better than many more expensive ones with similar notes, or category.

For the price, this is a true winner, somehow more subtle and complex than most inexpensive fragrances i found in the drugstore. And on my skin, it mellows to a lovely lasting scent. Not too strong.

I only wish it could last longer! I’ve never tired of it in 12 months; every season.

İt last long on me. I like this although it is way much sweeter for my taste. this smells like Chanel candy (there isn t really a Chanel perfume ) but better and deeper.I bought it about 12 $ at turkey. after all it is a great bargain.and I am thinking of buying so… kiss me too.

A very yummy and sweet perfume. apart from the short lasting power, i’m sure you could put this juice into a designer bottle and no one would question the quality. A very nice perfume for such a cheap price.

Although I had So…? Kiss Me perfume I had the body spray version of Sinful. This one is definitely not as girly as the aforementioned. It’s very sweet, almost sexy. This is what I inflicted on my school friends 🙂

I normally don’t enjoy strong, sweet scents but this is smells so good!
As soon as I sprayed some on my wrist, it smelled just like vanilla cupcakes with sugary icing. It was too overbearing and slightly sickening for maybe a hour or so. It also gives me a slight headache.
After a while however, I can smell vanilla and notes of floral and chocolate.
On my wrist, one spray can last 9-10 (even after showering!) hours so it has great lasting power.

Just found a Cheap bottle of this today for $5.99 and it even came with body lotion and lip balm 🙂
I bought it for the name actually because I thought that it suited me well but when I got into my car and sprayed some on,I was pleasantly surprised.
At first its just a lot of alcohol smell but it quickly drys into a very vanilla Gourmand blend.
Doesn’t last long at all on my skin though but most perfumes last forever on my clothes.
I’m pretty pleased with my purchase and ya can’t beat that price. 🙂

Very sensual fragrance… reminds me of the christmas holidays, for some reason… kinda makes my stomach turn to smell it lately though.

I tried it, its youthful, sweet, sensual and lovely. Its a true floral fruity gourmand scent. I like it and will buy one soon as its inexpensive and I am on a saving spree now 🙂

I have the bodyspray in the aerosol can. It smells like a creamy vanilla amber. Pretty nice and long lasting for such a cheap price!

Others may be ashamed to admit it, but sometimes a label marketed to the Tween generation comes out with a fragrance so good it gains top shelf status in my perfumery.

An unusual (but not unpleasant) combination, the vanilla is the note that really stands out. It’s not a sweet, cloying “plug up your nose and choke your throat” vanilla, but more of a strong (dare I say masculine?) and comforting scent. It comes across as sleek, sexy and modern. For whatever reason, I imagine some powerful and metrosexual businessman strolling out of the corporate conference room wearing this. I’ve had numerous compliments whilst wearing it and my own boyfriend even tried to confiscate it for his own personal use! His comment as I walked by was “What the h*ll smells SO good?” My reply: “It’s just my mojo baby!”

So… So yummy, so tempting, so sweet, fruity and delectable but soooooo short lived. It hardly smells on me which comes as a huuuge disapointment. Indeed, it does have M: Mariah Carey sugar sweet notes of fruity marshmallow dipped in luscious chocolate. I would use this one to layer with my spicier and headier fragrances which contain chocolate: aka: Angel. On it’s own, it’s nice for a comforting Night scent. I am not too disapointed given the fact it was inexpensive. Were the scent stronger and more lasting, it would probably be a holy grail frag for me but unfortunately, it does not pass the ‘time lapse’ test xxx good for young girls starting to wear perfume I would say … xxx good day and cheerful New
Year in advance! Rosie

yummy sweet cupcakey, doesnt last 20 mins though

Absolutely stunning! This is now my signature fragrance competing with Mariah Carey M. It’s sweet and sexy, though very much like So? Kiss me.. this one is just a tiny bit more spicy. The downside is that it only lasts for like three hours, but I bought plenty to play with!

I agree that this one smells sweet, but to me it is a bit to sweet. Nothing i would wear as a perfume, maybe as a deodorant, but nothing else.

I absolutely love this perfume and must say I am terribly unhappy with it having been discontinued. It has been my favourite perfume ever.

My favourite out of the So? range. (I received a gift set of sample sizes.)
Fruity opening, particularly berries. Later, it fades into a sweet vanilla scent before disappearing. This is the main downside of these So? perfumes – they do not last long!
Nice for young girls and teenagers, I feel that something more sophisticated would suit more mature women.

This is a nice perfume. The top notes are really nice, I get blackberries in the top notes also. It reminds me of another perfume that I cant remember right now. This top notes are really nice and sexy. The middle notes are flowery and warm, still sexy. The name of this perfume is right, So Sinfull is perfect for girls who like to smell attractive and young. Its a simple fragrance, perfect for jeans and a sexy top. Really sweet, purple, sexy and with a certain smokiness that I love.

Sillage: Average
Long Lasting Power: Week, its a cheap drugstore perfume 🙂 But it last a lot if you put it on clothes 🙂


fiorucci is identical to this! IDENTICAL THERE ARE MISSING NOTES HERE, this is missing peach, thats the most dominate smell that i get. I definatley get chocolate too. Sweet and warm.

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE for me no longer in the USA…..Chocolate, vanilla, violets… Its sweet but very sexy sweet. Awesome! Not just for youth, I’m in my 40’s and I get compliments on it all the time. Out of all I wish this were still available, and I wish it were stronger, it would be my #1!!

So…? Sinful perfume is an absolutely gorgeous fragrance, to me it smells like sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate surronded by iced flowers sprinkled with vanilla sugar. It is very sweet but in a feminine, sensual way that blends soft flowers with fruity pineapple and delicious chocolate creating a perfume that smells good enough to eat.

The downside to this fragrance is that (more than likely due to the very low price) So…? Sinful does lack lasting-power and the fragrance seems to be short lived and soon fades away…to avoid this, I would recommand buying the body spray from this range and also layering the fragrance with cocoa butter hair/body products as the perfume itself smells very similar to chocolate 🙂

i love it, sweet and sexy.
however it doesn’t last long.


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2. “Mom, thanks for always being slightly less disappointed in me than Dad is.”
3. “Mothers are all slightly insane.”
-J.D. Salinger
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