2015 – Wife Husband Family_5.4

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I will never ever let my family disrespect my wife
Ladies, don’t become so relying on your man to protect you. You must protect him equally… There will be naysayers and people who attack your relationship from the outside. You both have to stand up for and stick together.

When the bible says a man shall leave his mother and father to be with his wife, it doesn’t mean to dishonor your parents, but it means that because now you are married you must have your own house where you will lay your own rules as the head of your family. It’s not a good idea to shut your family out altogether because they are your family and tomorrow you will need them.  It’s amazing how we are advised to neglect our parents but every time when we  have a problem ( may be your husband is abusing you ) you run back to your parents, or may be your wife left you, whom  do you run to? your parents of course. I would say let’s maintain a healthy relationship with our friends and family because you’ll need them tomorrow if things don’t work out in your marriage. This is life we need one another. And God has commanded us to love one another.

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