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How do I send videos or images to WhatsApp from Facebook?

There are 2 ways for this, If you’re using Whatsapp on PC or Laptop and you want to share the facebook stuff on Whatsapp then Open WhatsApp Web on your PC or Laptop. Open WhatsApp on your device > Click on Options which displays

New group

New broadcast

Whatsapp Web

Tap on Whatsapp Web, It now tries to Scan the QR Code, So Scan the QR Code available on Your PC or Laptop. Now Whatsapp service starts working on your PC or Laptop. (Note: Make sure your phone is always connected to Internet while Using WhatsApp Web service.

Open Facebook, Share the link or Save Image and Drop it.

If you want to Share this from your device then you can Open the Image on facebook which you want to share, Tap on 3 Vertical dots which look like as below available on the Top Right Side of Image when Viewed in full screen

Now, you can see the list of available options
> Tap on Share External (Which now open the list of available apps which can Share the file)
> Scroll to the bottom
> Tap on Whatsapp
> Select the Contact or Group you want to Send.

Links for your proper Device types and for group chats: https://www.whatsapp.com/

BOOM. Bob’s your uncle. Enjoy.
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