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Top 18 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinega


● PURE ORGANIC UNFILTERED ACV-APPLE CIDER VINEGAR dilute with a glass of pure water or pure juice;
● Add a teaspoon or tablespoon full PURE HONEY;

Vinegar is a common household product that has endless uses. It can be used as a cleaning agent, in salads, and for many other reasons. While many products out on the market tout health benefits such as cancer reducing claims and weight loss magic, there is some promise as to what vinegar can do for health. While vinegar in high amounts can be tart to the taste, apple cider vinegar is a product that tastes great and can help promote health. Listed below are 18 of the best health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

1. Solve an upset stomach
It happens from time to time when we eat something that simply does not agree with us. When this happens, a stomach ache ensues and causes pain and possibly gas. This is usually the cause of bacteria building up where it shouldn’t, which causes pain in the stomach region. If you are experiencing acute stomach pain and feel that it is not severe enough to visit a healthcare provider, then consider having some apple cider vinegar to ease the pain. The pectin contained in apple cider vinegar is known to soothe intestinal aches, spasms, and pain. The best mixture should include up to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with some water, juice, or apple juice.

2. Eliminate pesky hiccups
Hiccups occur at some of the worst times and when they hit, it seems like they never go away. They are usually the cause of excess air in the digestive system, which your body is attempting to eliminate through muscular spasms. Fortunately, a full teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is great for alleviating this problem. It is possible that the strong acidic nature of apple cider vinegar helps to prevent the spasms that cause hiccups, which will help reduce the risk of getting these unwanted spasms. Consider this for a household remedy for unwanted hiccups.

3. Sore throat cure
The colder months of the year are responsible for increasing the risk of a sore throat. While there are many reasons a sore throat comes about, the truth is a sore throat is not very pleasant. Some individuals drink hot tea, honey, and eat lozenges to cure a sore throat, but an effective way to help eliminate a sore throat is to gargle with apple cider vinegar. The bacteria in the throat causing pain do not like the strong acid content of apple cider vinegar, which means they will die off in a hurry when you gargle with this. Use about two ounces of apple cider vinegar and two ounces of warm water and gargle once per hour for throat pain relief.

4. Reduce your cholesterol with apple cider vinegar
There has been quite a bit of research and studies on how to reduce cholesterol that is a tad high. One common remedy you can use is something you have in your pantry. There have been a few studies that have shown apple cider vinegar to be beneficial for cholesterol levels. In as little as one tablespoon, it is possible to lower cholesterol levels when taken every day. The acetic acid contained in the vinegar is what is believed to help fight off the cholesterol in the body.

5. Stop indigestion from getting to you
If you are a victim of frequent indigestion after a meal, the good news is you have a home remedy that can help ease this. If you are known to have this problem and your doctor or healthcare provider is aware of your condition, then consider discussing the use of apple cider vinegar prior to a feeding to help prevent indigestion. The recipe for this includes one teaspoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar and a tall glass of warm water prior to your feeding. This is known to help ease the uneasy feeling that comes with indigestion.

6. Clear your nose from congestion and stuffiness
Cold medicine is a costly purchase year after year and they tend to have many side effects that can cause ill health. Rather than using cold medication to help relieve a stuffy nose, consider having some apple cider vinegar. The potassium in apple cider vinegar is a great ingredient to thin your mucus and the acid content in the vinegar helps reduce the total amount of bacteria trying to inhabit your nasal cavities. Only one teaspoon is needed and you can mix it with a glass of water to gain these benefits.

7. Lose weight with apple cider vinegar
We know that eating a salad every day instead of fries can help you lose weight efficiently. What is now better understood is that having some apple cider vinegar with your salad can help you to lose weight even more effectively. The acid content in the apple cider vinegar is known to suppress appetite in humans, which means that you are not as likely to overeat. In addition, apple cider vinegar can increase your metabolism, which will cause you to burn more calories throughout the day. Lastly, consuming apple cider vinegar can help your body eliminate harmful water retention, which actually has heart health benefits as well (more on that later). Consuming some apple cider vinegar regularly can help promote efficient weight loss in those who are on a weight loss program.

8. Dry scalp no more
Dry scalp is prevalent in the colder months of the year and when it affects your head, you show it by scratching more frequently. As a result, dandruff flakes off and collects on your shoulder and shirt, which is embarrassing. Many dandruff treatments in the stores are costly and may not always be the best for the health of your hair. Using apple cider vinegar as an addition to your shampoo can help eliminate dandruff and leave it healthy. Mix a batch with about two ounces of water and two ounces of apple cider vinegar and apply to your scalp when your shampoo. The acidity of the vinegar prevents harmful germs from growing on your scalp and it will help to eliminate dry scalp.

9. Avoid blemishes on your face
Acne affects many younger adults, but the truth is acne can affect anyone at any time. There are a handful of products that are great for zapping acne off your face, but the most effective way to eliminate acne is to kill the bacteria on your skin and prevent it from growing. Using a little apple cider vinegar on your face can be a great way to kill the bacteria on your face to help prevent acne from growing. Use it like you normally would with any toner and watch the benefits just naturally improve your complexion.

10. Skip your midday coffee and look for apple cider vinegar instead
Midday lulls are common for a number of reasons, but when it happens, many simply go to the nearest coffee store to load up on more caffeine. Not only does this hurt your body weight and image, but the sugar you have in your coffee will give you a quick jolt, but it will increase your chances of having an energy crash later on in the day again. Instead of another cup of coffee, consider having one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some water or juice to increase your energy levels for the day.

11. Prevent harsh leg cramps at night
Leg cramps that come on at night are some of the worst aches around. Sometimes caused from a hard day at the gym (where you over did it) or from dehydration, leg cramps can be one of the most painful feelings you experience. If you wake up in the middle of the night with achy legs due to cramping, consider having some apple cider vinegar. It contains ample potassium, which is good for cramping symptoms. Blend one ounce of apple cider vinegar with a little honey and some warm water to cut those cramps out of your night.

12. Stop chronic bad breath
Yes, you have morning breath and so does virtually everybody else in this world. However, if your bad breath continues to persist and your dentist or doctor does not indicate a tooth problem, then you might want to try some apple cider vinegar. Start out gargling with apple cider vinegar to help eliminate the bacteria in your mouth and dilute the vinegar if you desire. The high acid content of apple cider vinegar is just what is needed to kill any germs in your mouth if your usual mouthwash is not getting the job done.

13. A natural teeth whitener
There are many products that promote teeth whitening, but some of them can be bad for your tooth enamel. Using apple cider vinegar; however, may be a safe and natural way to eliminate staining teeth. Using apple cider vinegar, it is helpful to swish and gargle every day to fight stained teeth. In addition, gargling with this can help to whiten your teeth and stop any bacteria from growing in your mouth. This is a win-win combination for the health of your mouth.

14. Stop bruising on your skin
Bruises can show up on your skin for various reasons, but when they show up, they can be unsightly to the eyes. Often caused from broken or inflamed arteries and veins in the vasculature, bruises can be prevented with apple cider vinegar due to the anti-inflammatory properties in it. The best way to prevent bruises is to apply apple cider directly to the bruise itself. It will initially cause the bruise to change its color, but over time it will help eliminate it and heal the area.

15. Improve blood sugar
Diabetics have a plethora of products they cannot consume, which makes healthy options more difficult when the time comes. Fortunately, apple cider vinegar can help control blood sugar in a way similar to certain medications. Researchers at Arizona State University have followed the effects of apple cider vinegar and have found that it prevents and slows the breakdown of starches in the digestion process. When this happens, blood sugar benefits and is not elevated as high as it normally would.

16. Protective for the heart
Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of adults and medicine is in high demands to attempt to lower the prevalence of mortality from heart disease in any way possible. One way to reduce heart disease risk among adults is to consume apple cider vinegar. The regular consumption of apple cider vinegar can help to reduce blood pressure, which is a major marker of those with heart disease.

17. Prevent cancer
Cancer is the number one killer worldwide and is caused from many factors that are still unknown. Foods that contain high amounts of natural antioxidants are known to help prevent the risk of developing cancer. This is why apple cider vinegar is beneficial for reducing the risk of cancer. Apple cider vinegar contains high amounts of polyphenols, which are also found in wine, and can help to reduce your risk and fight free-radicals in your body.

18. Alleviate sunburn pain
Skin pain due to sunburn does not always feel great, but if you do not have aloe vera, it is a great option to apply and soak in some apple cider vinegar. In as little as 10 minutes, your pain from sunburn can be reduced dramatically.

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5 Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar
April 12, 2016

ACV or Apple cider Vinegar is often used for treating a lot of health related issues like obesity and diabetes. While its benefits are extensively known to a lot of people, only a handful of them are actually aware of its side effects. Apart from its pungent taste, excessive or extensive use of ACV can cause serious reactions and damage to your body.

Some Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Following are a few common if minor side-effects of consuming ACV in excess.

1. Tissue Disruption:

Whether you consume ACV in the tablet form or liquid form, it can damage or corrode the esophagus, tooth enamel, and stomach lining due to the high level of citric acidic content. Moreover, direct application of Apple Cider Vinegar on skin can cause irritation, rashes and a burning sensation. In order to prevent the side effects of apple cider vinegar on skin or anywhere, it must always be blended with water, honey, juice or a pinch of baking soda.

2. Low Potassium Level:

In accordance with a Natural Standard review, the high acetic acid content of ACV causes low potassium level in your blood and also reduces bone mineral density, with excessive consumption of this vinegar. What’s more, people suffering from osteoporosis should take necessary precautions and consult a physician before consuming ACV.

3. Drug Reactions:

Since it’s acidic in nature, ACV can easily react with some drugs like laxatives, diuretics and insulin. Excessive consumption of it can result in hypokalemia and low potassium levels. Since ACV has a direct effect on insulin level and blood sugar, it may prove to be highly hazardous when taken with blood pressure and diabetes medications. If you’re suffering from any health disorder and want to avoid any drastic reaction, consider consulting your doctor before consuming ACV.

4. Gastrointestinal Problems:

Since ACV is high in acidic content, it can cause serious diarrhoea, indigestion and heartburn. If you’re using ACV for detoxification, these side effects are very common. According to experts, consuming unrefined ACV with a Ph level of 5-7 restricts these side effects. If these side effects do not seem to fade over time, discontinue or lower your dosage.

5. Tooth Enamel Damage:

The high acidic level of undiluted ACV can destroy your tooth enamel when consumed orally. Besides giving a yellowish tinge to your teeth, it increases your dental sensitivity as well. In order to avoid direct contact with your teeth, consider consuming liquid ACV using a straw. Mix the ACV with juice or water before consuming. That way, you’ll be able to lower the possible side effects of vinegar consumption. A viable option to lower the potential damage to your tooth enamel is to brush your teeth soon after vinegar intake.

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