~2016 – Good Morning let’s pray_2

#GoodMorning, #LetsPray🙏🏽

Father You are faithful. Father right now I lift up these your children before You. Father You see all and You know all. You know everything about each of our lives and You know what is needed.

Father I plead the blood of Jesus over their lives. Father You sent them here to this group for such a time as this.

Right now I ask that You cover them and keep them. Father I ask that You send forth the provision that is needed in their lives.

Father there are those represented on this group that need to see You as Jehovah Rapha, their healer. Father I ask that You heal them right now. From the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet, Father I ask that You make them whole.

Father there are those who need peace. Father let the supernatural overflow of Your power touch every part of their lives. Father give them the peace that surpasses their understanding.

Even when things are not going as they hoped or planned, Father let their hearts and minds stay in perfect peace.

Father thank You for allowing us to be used of You to share Your Word and to pray for Your people.

Father we humble ourselves  before You and ask that You always speak Your Words of wisdom on this group. Father thank You for allowing us to be used for Your purpose. Thank You for each person You send to this group.

Now Father I ask that You always meet them at their point of need. Always send a word that will help them through whatever they are encountering in life.

Father send forth Your Word of healing to them and Father I ask that You continue to work through them.

Father let their trials become testimonies so that they can take what they are going through and help someone else get through.

I bind the spirit of confusion and destruction on this group. I declare total peace, unity and understanding in Jesus name.

Father thank You for Your love. It is in Jesus name I do pray. Amen

A blessed new day!!