~2016 – The Magic of Words_6.2


We all are sorcerers, and the word is the main ingredient of the cauldron. From what is said or written, we can invite people to dance, sowing joy and hope, or to build walls, spreading hatred and fear. This is the power, and it is yours. Each manifestation is an act of magic, and defines the type of sorcerer we want to be.

Since ancient times, it is taught that there is power in the word. Each word contains an idea in itself. Different cultures have taught valuable lessons about the care one must have with words.

Christianity claims that words reveal what goes on in the heart of each one. They reflect precisely the level of consciousness of those who voice them.

The cabalists tell a beautiful story of a teacher who, to correct a student who had slandered a classmate, asked him to write the slander on a piece of paper. He, then, asked the student to rip the paper into pieces and throw the pieces against a strong wind; finally, he asked the student to collect all the pieces. “That is impossible”, says the student, who cannot see the pieces, scattered and lost. “The same goes for the words”, explained the kind teacher, “once they are voiced they no longer belong to us, and we don’t know what will be of them”.

– Pay attention before you speak. Listen to all sides involved; in every dissent there are at least two versions in addition to the truth!

– Think about the feelings that move you: hatred, jealousy, revenge, envy or love and peace?

– We must be careful not to conceal our wish for revenge under the clothes of justice. Not seldom, under false and pretense noble action, we vent our most dense and darker hidden feelings.

– Speak clearly and straightforwardly. No means no; yes means yes. Present your reasoning with serenity, and respect those who think differently from you. May your heart never forget that the good seed is never wasted; in the right time, it will sprout.

– The wisest words fall into the abyss if they do not mirror the attitudes of he who voiced them.

– Always be sincere and never fake affection; remember, however, that love is the most powerful force there is. Love is the raw material of all miracles. The word brings Light to the blind.

Buddhism teaches that the Universe is a living being in ongoing transformation, and reacts in the precise proportion to our actions. The best way to commune with It is by spreading joy to everyone. For that purpose, the word is a powerful and cheap seed.

Wisdom lends its colors to the philosophy of different traditions. To recognize the tree from its fruit is another beautiful picture drawn with the same paints. You being the tree, the fruits are your words (and attitudes). You must decide if you are going to poison or feed humanity in its spiritual suppers. You define yourself with each action or word.

Kindly translated by Carlos André Oigheistein

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