Month: July 2016

~2016 – Happy Couple Story_6.1

By reBlogger 160704tko

Happy Monday: The woman who makes me smile each day:
In 2009 I was working in Norway. On my way back from home I met  a young woman at the airport in Nairobi. She was returning to Uganda from a conference and i was going back to Norway. We only had an hour chat then. But it was a sweet chat; we continued to talk online after that .
I had been with this girl in the same school but I was in a level and she was in O level. As  we  continued to chat  I realized that  my heart  was  starting to really warm up for her . But I  never mentioned anything. My friends  in Norway had  warned me that  Ugandan  girls loved  money  and once they knew that you worked  abroad they would think you have a lot of money .
The more I talked to this girl, the more I found my work in Norway become boring. The excitement was in Uganda. I  packed my bags to return to Uganda. My plan was to get to know her better and try out this relationship. But I did not tell him she was the reason why I returned.  I did not want her to know she had already finished me.  I said to myself  if this girl can be patient and wait for me a little I was going to propose to her.
Meanwhile I started looking for a job here at home. And this girl was the most supportive. She ran around making applications for me.  I was so touched which ever job she saw she applied for me.  Finally in the 5th month I got  a  government job  , but it was to take  six months before  I got my first  salary .  I had used all my savings for different things and now these girls started giving me transport   to go to work. In the evening we would meet up and walk together on the Kampala streets going to take taxis. Now I could not hide it any more. I was in love and it felt gooood.  I said  I wanted to to see her parents  and she took me there  to see them . I loved her  family  . They are good caring people. I married this woman  and it was the best decision I made. MT this woman makes me so happy. My wife has continued to be very supportive of me.  She is honest, hardworking, very straight .She is good hearted, always wants to see others succeed. She is a risk taker. She is an entrepreneur I am proud to say that most   business ventures we have taken as a family has been because of my wife. She has encouraged me to take financial risks. 
We don’t have a joint account but we always agree on what we are going to do. All our assets have to be registered in both our names.  I like spoiling her with gifts, for instance i can book her into a spa for a weekend just to relax and then i stay with the baby. I will buy for her gadgets since am technology crazy. I even taught her how to drive and trust me it’s the hardest thing i have ever had to do coz it can test your patience to the limit. I like my wife’s   family it is very supportive. My father in-law is very supportive of us. Even when we have issues he counsels in an biased way. I love and respect him.
When we were expecting for the first time I was so excited. First of all i was too excited to be expecting my first baby. I think i was more pregnant than she was. I went with her for all the 16 antenatal visits and at times we would sit together for three hours in the queue since our doctor was a busy one
I would return home and cook dinner since we had no maid,
i would take along on my weekend errands just to make sure she doesn’t stay home alone and get a problem when am not around  i did everything possible to ensure she was comfortable.
I  was with her in the labour ward from 7.00am to 9.15pm when she gave birth. One thing I really like about her is that she lets me be, as in if i want to be with my friends, its very ok, if i want to watch football she will let me do that. She basically lets me be Timothy. Because of this freedom she gives me, i also try not to abuse it. It’s very easy to be happy at home if you are happy with yourself. I support my wife through her  dreams. When she is studying, i stay up and discuss with her. she is doing a masters. That way she feels that am in full support of what she is doing. those small things go along way. Young couples are not patient, i advise them to be patient. Dont look for the finished good coz you dont know what it takes to get it to being finished. I  also  keep good company. The friends you keep around you also matter, for me if you can’t live up ton my values then I really can’t be your friend. For example I can’t relate with you if I know you beat your wife or those who are  cheating . Avoid bad company and adopt  good company if you want to  to keep your marriage  as a man .  MY wife  has made me  a better person and  I really treasure her relationship