~2016 – PSAC vs LIBERAL GoC

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Liberal government still using Conservative agenda at bargaining table

When PSAC returned to the bargaining table with Treasury Board on Tuesday, we expected to hear the Liberal agenda. Instead, this government continued to push the Conservative agenda in negotiations.

“Under the Liberals, Treasury Board has had five meetings with us, and almost a year, to improve their offer to reflect Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise to show respect for the public service,” said Robyn Benson, National President of PSAC. “We are frustrated and disappointed that we did not see the movement we expected this week. We are close to the end of the road.”

Despite their commitment to “sunny ways,” the government continues to send all the wrong signals at the bargaining table, and in regard to the flawed Phoenix pay system.

This week, at the Unfair Labour Practice hearing, a government witness laid blame for the Phoenix pay system debacle on the impacted employees themselves, rather than taking responsibility. 

No future bargaining dates are planned at this time and we will be preparing our next steps. PSAC remains open to negotiations, but only if the employer will make substantive changes to their offer.

“After 26 months of negotiations, we want a collective agreement,” said Benson. “But our members deserve better than what we continue to see from the Liberals.”

For more information on the issues raised at individual Treasury Board tables, visit the pages for EB, FB, PA, SV and TCbargaining 

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