2016 – 4 Good Reasons to Spend Time Outside

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4 Good Reasons to Spend Time Outside

It’s time for you to enjoy the outdoors this holiday season. I’ve got some real reasons why you should put on some outerwear, lace up those boots and go for a walk. Take a breath of fresh air and find out why you should seriously consider enjoying the outdoors just a little more. Read on and let me know what you think in the comments section. How much time do you spend outside?


It’s Good For You- Spending time in nature has positive effects on your body. Taking a hike in nature or a walk through a wooded area can do things like lower blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and improve your sleep. It’s good for you in terms of stress and anxiety. Just take a page out of Kylie Jenner’s book for reducing anxious feelings.

Boost Creativity- All it takes is a walk to help you to boost your creativity. Why do you think walks are such a big part of the daily routines of super creative people? Walking helps us to think. It helps us to improve our focus let those creative juices pump out of us.

Improves Your Mood- Going outside can help to improve your mood when your feeling down. Think about how you get the blues during the winter. Winter related depression isn’t uncommon and it’s usually because you’re stuck inside all the time. Brave the cold in order to enjoy some outdoor activities. Watch your mood improve.

Gives You’re a Better Workout- Endure the cold this winter by going for a jog outside. Exercising outside can lead to a better workout. You burn more calories and feel more refreshed afterwards. Going outside for a workout can help you to enjoy the process overall.

So, to recap, going outside helps to boost creativity, improves your health and your mood while also giving you a better workout. Excuse me, I think I’ll take a quick walk right now.

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reBlogger: 161008tko

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