!2017 – Dear Future Wife 

Dear Future Wife
I hope you’re as loving as caring. I hope you’re as handsome as you are honest. I hope you have an amazing relationship with your mother along with your family. I hope you believe in God/Jesus. I hope you are intelligent to the point where you can teach me things, but will not be stubborn to enjoy learning as well. I hope you are hard working and have goals that you will conquer. I hope you are the one person I can trust when I feel like I can’t trust anyone but the lord. I hope you are a faithful man as you are a respectful gentleman. I hope your actions speak louder than words. I hope you have a sense of humor and can make me laugh on days when I can’t even seem to smile. I hope you’re not romantically challenged, because I can be at times. I hope you can inspire me when I feel like I lost all hope. I hope you’ll give me everything you got and won’t think twice. I hope you have great communication skills and are easy to talk too. I hope jealousy never gets introduced into our relationship, because the truth we have for one another will always over power it. I hope you understand me for who I am and accept all of my flaws. I hope you appreciate and feel blessed to be the only man that has me. I hope you can’t get enough of my love and love me endlessly. Most of all, I hope that our love is living proof that real love does exist.

Love me always as I love you too,
Your future husband.

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