2017 – 0119 Tribute to Our Aunt Hellen

O》2017 – Aunty Hellen, Rest In Eternal Peace 


​(Always will remember 20160119):

Dear our Sweet Jolly Aunt Hellen Atim, one of otino Atat & Reverand Ogwang(RIP), we who are left here on Earth under your Heavenly keen eyes can only imagine what fright and terror you felt on this day a year ago as your strong wills and fight-on Spirits fought the Red-neck Evil men & women of the Americas who sadly acted deliberately and crazily to take your good and God given life away from us. 

Whilst that bessaddened evening you lay on that Hospital bed in California’s Los Angeles County Hospital fighting along, you then finally breathed your last. It was again a calling to the Almighty Omnipotent, our Lord in Heavens for you to go and keep a watch on us who are still left herein behind on our temporary abode on Earth!. 

I’m,  as well the entire family in Uganda and spread the World over are mourning you our lovely beloved my Aunty, the woman who helped mentor me and many others for life on this Earth.

May God our Good Lord grant you Eternal Peace and pain free life by his side.

We pray.



Akwar Kakwat kede Atat. Otim Tom Rwot Adwong.



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