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Trump vs. Planet Earth

Dear friends, 

Donald Trump has declared war on planet Earth. 

He’s approving pipelines, firing up coal mines, and insiders say he’s got an Executive Order ready to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement that is our best shot at a clean, safe future. 

When it comes to climate, we can’t afford screw-ups like this. Our climate is delicate, unstable — the last ice age hit us in just 6 months. We’re not talking about storms or floods, but an apocalypse that threatens everything we love! THIS is what most scares scientists about climate change. 

But we’ve got the battle plan that, if we win, will neutralise Trump’s attack: 

  • Work with American mayors and local leaders to collectively honour the US’s commitments in Paris, even if Trump doesn’t.
  • Build a huge campaign to eliminate $1 trillion in taxpayer subsidies for big oil and coal, and invest it instead in clean energy.
  • Pass laws in the top car-manufacturing countries requiring all new cars to be electric.
  • Get the world’s major companies and corporations to go 100% clean energy.

If 10,000 of us donate just a small weekly donation, we can spend the next two years going all in on this plan and more — and make sure Trump won’t mean the end for planet Earth. 

2016 was the hottest year, by far, in recorded history — climate change is accelerating, and the US President doesn’t even believe in it. Just as we thought that crazy climate deniers were fading into history, they’re back, with their hands on the levers of power in the country that emits 14% of the world’s carbon! A massive, global movement will be needed to stop them. 

We can do that like no one else. From the head of the UN to heads of state, all recognize Avaaz’s massive role at the centre of the fight against climate change. We changed the game with the People’s Climate Marches and fought tooth and nail for the Paris climate agreement that laid out the path to a 100% clean future. Now we need to rise again, to save the Paris deal, and with it all our people. 

If we come together quickly to get local leaders, governments, and companies to take the next crucial steps toward ending the fossil fuel era, we’ll show the deniers that the clean energy revolution is happening, whether they like it or not. 100% electric cars, 100% clean electricity generation, and the end of ridiculous subsidies for big oil and coal — chip in a small weekly donation, and let’s make it happen: 

Climate change is the kind of issue Avaaz was born to address. A global problem that we can only solve together, and only if people across the world join hands to press their governments to solve it. Our movement has risen beautifully to this challenge, and our pressure is working. Let’s ratchet it up to meet the challenge posed by this new threat.

With hope and respect for everyone in this amazing movement,
Danny, Ricken, Emma, Alice, Diego, Spyro and the whole Avaaz team


2016 locked into being hottest year on record, Nasa says (The Guardian)

Last Ice Age took just SIX months to arrive (Daily Mail)

Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets (NY Times)

Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Surge Past Climate Change Milestone (Huff Post UK)

Victory! The end of fossil fuels has begun… (Avaaz) 

Trump advances controversial oil pipelines with executive action (CNN)

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