!2017 – Poor Working Class

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About 90% of our population cannot stand their jobs, are UNDER VALUED, UNDER APPRECIATED, UNDER RECOGNIZED, and worst of all, are about two weeks away from being bankrupt. 
I always ask “Why are we living this way”? 
If you feel like you always have more month than check and are not making enough money to get ahead in life or if you like or dislike your job or business and finding there isn’t enough time to spend with your family then hear me out as I can help direct you in the right direction to help change your life. First, I will let you know a bit about myself.
I am a father of three amazing children and one due very shortly, so time and money is a big concern for me and my family as well. I was most recently a certified debt counselor for 8 years and I have seen thousands of people and families living in turmoil with a life of debt and stress.
Life is too short to be in this position. Too many people are caught up into the 40-40-40 scam club. The average person spends 40 hours a week, for 40 years of their life, all in order to get a pension that they will get 40% of what they couldn’t afford to live off when they were working. 
Although I was able to help thousands of people eliminate millions of dollars of debt, they were still stuck in their earning capacity. This only put many of them back to the same lifestyle as before, (overspending). As their debt counselor, I wanted to also help them out by finding a solution that would dramatically increase their earning capability so they could live a lifestyle they wanted and not have to worry about going into massive debt again. 
Prior to owning my debt restructuring business, I had tried many jobs and other positions but never clicked with anything and it consumed too much of my time away from my friends and family. I tried anything from college/university programs, building houses, construction, concrete, mill work, financial advising, real estate, network marketing companies, personal training, child and youth care, etc. I was even contemplating the oil fields until it crashed.
I knew there was something out there better for me, and everyone I served, but didn’t know what. Since my list is quite extensive of what I was looking for, I struggled with what was out there that could change my life. And there are many considerations that came to mind such as:
1.) How am I going to financially support my dream lifestyle 

2.) Finding something that shares my passion

3.) Something that provides real value to others

4.) Something that will create more time so you can do the things you really want to do

5.) Something in an exploding industry that can be sustained for the long term, and not going to die out in the short term

6.) Something all my previous clients could do that may allow their dream lifestyles to become a reality with some hard work
Then I came across an ad on my social media newsfeed, much like you are seeing now. An ad that has now helped change my life completely and it managed to check off my criteria list that I was looking for. It opened my eyes and made me realize I can have a better future for myself and my family. So I took action and contacted the guy to make sure it was legit as I was a little skeptical and hesitant from anything online. This guy actually took the time to address my concerns and when I saw it in action, and finished speaking to him, I knew I had to do this so all I did was take action and learn.
My heart was racing and I was nervous, happy, scared, and excited all at the same time. So I just went for it with massive action. I figured if this guy could do it then why couldn’t I? What makes him so special? And the team that I joined is incredible. There’s tons of support, education, encouragement, and nobody is left behind!
I am part of an amazing team with one of the top mentors out there. I have seen some fantastic results in a short period of time because I followed a system and simply took action and went to work.  I am spreading the word on this opportunity to anyone looking for a better way. And I too will have many people thanking me in a few short months for helping them get on the path to their dream lifestyle and gaining back control of their time.
My mentors helped me gain control of my time freedom and I walked away from my business that consumed 65 + hours a week within a few short months of starting. This has meant so much to me and my family!  
Now I spend EVERY day with my family (wife, daughter, son, and soon to be a daughter)! And the best part is that my business runs for me 24 hrs per day, while I sleep, at the park with my kids, on vacation, hanging with friends and family, etc. It runs and works for me while I am out enjoying those 65+ hours a week that I would have hated, had I been working!
If you are coachable, have the drive to make a positive change in 2017, are an ACTION TAKER, and are committed for a serious change, then send me a message, comment below, or click the link below to register for a no cost to you live workshop.  
I will personally share what I’ve learned, and how you can build your dream lifestyle!
You can reach me in many ways. My cell number is on my main page. You can call or Text, Private Message me, or simply comment “I’m In” on my post as I have nothing to hide!
Also, if you know of anyone that perhaps could appreciate an opportunity to better themselves and their family, and could really use this in their life, then Please SHARE THIS LINK with them so they too can see what this is about. http://www.ShaneBallance.com
Thanks for your time and have a fantastic day!!


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