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!2017 – OCTC (U)

Oyam Community Training College – Uganda
Created: 2017-09-16 by Ken Otim Android



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Campain Title: Oyam Community Training College – Uganda.

A Post Primary-Pre Technical Hands On.

Basics: Campaign Target

We need to raise at least CAD$36,000.00 ($36,000 x UGX,2800 Per Dollar ~ = UGX100M) to get started;
Need at least 2 people working on this Project.
Currently we have a pool of 3 volunteer persons working on this charity;
1. Kenneth Otim Okello;
2. Peropetra Rose Akello;
3. Charles Etot Okello;
4. Sam Ogwang Obonyo/Moses (Alt).

We need 4 weeks to prepare;
We need 5000 email addresses;

Funds needed to:

– Renovate/Lease/Rent Building at Kamdini Township/or Oyam DistrictTownship;
UGX500,000/Mth x 12Mths/Yr=
UGX500,000×12 = UGX6,000,000/year;

– Purchase Initial furniture for Classroom: Chairs, Tables,  Desks/Work Benches, Lab Tools etc; UGX20-40M;

– Purchase 15 Computers for Classrooms; refurbished in Canada:
UGX10M Shopping and Handling;
– Purchase Office and Classroom Printers ($150×2)= $300×UGX2,800=UGX840,000;
– Hire couple Instructors; UGX20M/Year?
– Advertise College;
– Register College to District Authorities;
//——–Building the $36,000Campaign—-


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 Join us as we create the awesome
Oyam Community Training College – Uganda. Community based Rural training school to help the youth & adults in Oyam District, Northern Uganda.This region has suffered long drawn wars for at least three decades the impacts of which have left families childrens parents in dire abject poverty. War effects. Neglect. 
*A little bit of context*

Oyam is a very young administrative District created in the last 10 years curved out of Lango Sub-Region. Located in Northern Uganda, It lies in the more than three decades (1970s, 1980s, 1990s to 2000’s) Amin & rebel-other war-torn area of Uganda. Decades of those wars left huge devastation to local communities in terms of Human Development and Infrastructure.

But there’s a problem

[Explaining what the problem is] and opportunities.

As mentioned above, the long term effects of Dictator Idi Amin in the 1970s as well Kony’s war against people of this part of Northern Uganda spanning 1980s through 2000s left minimum human development and infrastructure. Poverty is rampant. Education level in the populace is  minimally. The Primary/Grade 7 and early secondary Drop-Out is so rampant.
We anticipate that setting & building up this Cummunity Training School will go far in retraining the community youths and adults and preparing them for better more useful citizens.
This will also be an opportunity to gain revenue down the road for further development or advancement once we are well established.

[What are we doing about it]

Avoiding non-profit buzzwords that no-one really understands (seriously, don’t do it).]

Here’s what we’re doing about it.
We are going to open a Rural Trade school in the Township of Kamdini, Oyam District, Lango Sub-Region in Northern Uganda, the area that was plugued with war for at least three decades. We are targeting a startup of 2 Technical classes. This will absorb the drop-outs from upper primary classes eg Grade 6/7 as well drop-outs from secondary. We intend to hire 2 Instructors to begin with. We already have 2 buildings to accommodate thus set up and we might need to Renovate and bring electricity in. The Township already has access to electricity. This we know will bring higher standard of living to the graduates as they could gain practical technical skills. 

And how it’s going to change the world

[How will what we are doin going to change the world or make a difference.]

OCTC, The Oyam Rural Community College, will start to bridge the gap between a dropped out student due to higher tuition fees and affordability.  Ours will quickly admit and train students and bring to them core Trade and Computer skills much needed to grow and develop rural areas. We will embark on embedding Computer skills in any other trade training that we will offer. We will Train them for self sufficiency. Free On line references and exposure to much needed Technical skills will be brought to home.

We strive to elevate poverty and enhance higher quality of living for community development and a better world right from village level to urban strategy. 

[How much do we need and what are we going to spend it on?]

We need to raise at least CAD$36,000.00 ($36,000 x UGX,2800 Per Dollar ~ = UGX100M) to get started:

Here is our conservative estimate broken down into major sections;

We are asking for funds to:

• UGX6.0M; Renovate/Lease/Rent Building at Kamdini Township/or Oyam District Township; Lease/Rent: UGX500,000/Mth x 12Mths/Yr=UGX6.0M/year; (UGX6,000,000÷2,800=CAD $2,142.00)/Yr;

• UGX30.0M; Purchase Initial furniture for Classrooms: Chairs, Tables, Desks, Work Benches, Lab Tools etc; UGX20-30M; 

UGX20.0M÷UGX2,800=CAD $7,142.85 to 



=CAD $10,715.00

• UGX11.2M: Purchase 20 Computers for Classrooms; refurbished in Canada: $200×20=CAD $4000xUGX2,800=UGX11.2M;

 • UGX10.0M: Shipping and Handling: UGX10.0M÷UGX2,800=CAD $3,571.45;

• UGX840,000 (UGX0.84M): Purchase Office and Classroom Printers ($150×2)=CAD $300 $300×UGX2,800=UGX840,000;

• UGX20.0M: Hire couple Instructors: UGX20M/Year? 

UGX20M÷2,800=CAD $7,142.85/Yr;

• UGX2.8M: Social and Multimedia Advertising our College:                                    CAD $1,000×UGX2,800=UGX2.8M; 

 • UGX20.0M; Register our College to the District/National Authorities + Miscellaneous: UGX20M

UGX20,000,000÷2,800=CAD $7,142.85 

We ask you to kindly donate so we can all pride in community development. One community at a time. 

Thank you.

//—The Math—6+30+11.2+10+0.84+20+2.8+20=UGX100.84

Our campaign link:


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