!2017 – Uganda PreIndependence & PostIndependence 

reTwooger: 170929tko.

*By Prof.Eric Kashambuzi*

Who would be happy if their country is taken over by foreigners be they from Africa or outside. Uganda allowed Tutsi refugees from Rwanda into Uganda from 1959 social revolution which they sparked. They were admitted into Uganda on humanitarian ground and on a temporary basis. I was in senior one at that time. When Kabale area became overburdened some were moved to other parts including in Ankole, Rujumbura, Bunyoro and Toro. This was done purely on humanitarian grounds to the children of God seeking a temporary  place for their families.
My late father a priest by profession instructed us his children and his late wife that we should extend them a helping hand when they arrived at our church. We did everything we could without asking questions.

Now it is these people that are murdering us, keeping us out of our country, destroying our properties, denying us what is rightly ours. That is why some of us who went through this situation don’t want it to happen to our children.

It was Obote who moved a motion in LEGCO to allow all Tutsi refugees into Uganda without limiting the numbers. It is these refugees that joined Amin security forces and murdered our people. It is these people that Obote fought for that helped Okello to throw him out of power in 1985.

What many Ugandans don’t understand is that the Tutsi refugees into Uganda are the ones that had the administrative experience in Rwanda. They arrived in Uganda as the British were leaving so Tutsi learned English quickly and replaced departing British. Do you remember Frank Kalimuzo who rose to be vice chancellor of Makerere and a very senior adviser to Obote? Do you know where he came from? Rwanda.

When Museveni captured power do you remember Fred Rwigyema, Paul Kagame, Dr Baingana, Kaaka etc? Do you know the jobs they occupied? Do you remember the many Rwandans who left Uganda in 1994? Personally I was shocked because I thought these were Ugandans. Who in his mind would be happy to see their country taken over by foreigners who then proceed to murder citizens, chase them out of their country and destroy their business.

Since I supported FDC in 2016 elections go to Rukungiri and see the damage to my properties hiding behind a family feud when the damage is politically motivated. Carrots have been offered to achieve the political goal of silencing me or worse. We must not allow this to happen to our children. This struggle with Museveni is about self-defense if not self-determination. 

Native Ugandans need to understand Museveni is allowing refugees, immigrants Into Uganda to use them to fight us and take over our country. The longer we allow him the more people he will bring in to fight us, take our land and we become serfs as happened in Rwanda when Tutsi defeated Bantu who were later dubbed Hutu, meaning slaves. Don’t forget Hutu had kings that were abolished. That’s what Museveni will do to Uganda kings at an appropriate time. These NRM MPs with their speaker don’t understand what they are doing and the adverse implications for their children or relatives. They should recast and join with those fighting to take our country back.

I am doing this for God and Our Country.

//———-reTwooger: 170929tko.———-

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