!2017 – Uganda a Failed Corrupt State for 31 Years.

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By Hon. Odonga Otto

Mr president I hope this article will find you in good health. Moments before you read your 30th Independence Day speech tomorrow do reflect on these issues:
1. In 1980 I travelled from Gulu to Kampala by rail, there was a clear rail network from Pakwach to Tororo Jinja etc but in 2017 there is nothing save for a train carrying people from Nambole to Kampala. The bogus Rift Valley Railway (contract now  terminated) and standard gauge railway may never come to see light of day.

2. When growing up i knew of our parents were working with: Union, Lint Marketing foods and beverages, grain milling, mulco and pamba, nytil among others today there is nothing.  Your government destroyed all these things that they were a basis for UPC strong hold.

Unkindly all these assets were sold off in the name of privatisation and the buyer was the seller.

3. Our fore President formed the Uganda Commercial Bank and had assets in Gulu, Mbarara, Lira and all the major towns of Uganda. You sold not only the businesses but even the buildings, UCB now Cham towers the annex was donated as a Christmas gift.

4. In 1984 I boarded Uganda airlines from Kampala to Gulu as one of the “Negri boys” there was a clear network of internal flights country wide, today there is none and you have no shame seeing Kenya airways and Rwanda air docking next to you in state house.

5. There was a clear human settlement Patten: 

Gowan  quarters , Senior quarters etc. You sold all those properties and today there are no properly  addressed settlements. Government properties in Kololo have been “sold”and we know the sitting landlords.

6. Kilembe mines is no more not even to shoot a bad Hollywood movie. Kasese a bustling town and an axis of employment for all tribes  is now a cemetery for those killed by your errant Brigadier Elwelu.

7. Uganda Electricity Board UEB that employed Ugandans is no more it was privatised to a 99% South African government company ESKOM & UMEME. This is an admission by your government that its not a better manager like South African government, Imagine a government privatising to another government. Uganda electricity tariff is now the second most expensive in the world.

8. Diary corporation was sold by your government for 1 US dollars (1800 shillings then), today milk is being supplied by your people  who get white tax free number plates and the milk is treated  with (formaldehyde) the same materials for treating dead bodies so that it does not get bad.

9. Uganda in the 1960s, there was a deliberate policy to study  across Uganda. My late dad studied in St. Leos  Fort Portal all the way from Pader…schools like Ntare, Comboni College, Ombachi, Mvara, Nabisunsa, Mwiri, Kisubi College, Namagunga, Namilyango, Kabalega, Nabbingo among others were hubs for educating Ugandans, today 2017 one can study from nursery to the university in the same village, how do you expect national unity?

10. During Amin’s time the army band would  traverse the country to play music to Ugandans, today all members of the UPDF band have joined in beating the peaceful demonstrators on the streets. The army is seen as a terror group.

11. Scholarships in the 60s ware random, the poor and  rich had an equal opportunity. The Uganda police(in their dark blue uniforms) in 1980 would ride a bicycle in a whole village to look for a child who had won a scholarship, today in 2017 you have to bribe someone to get a scholarship. Looking at the list of state house scholarships, one would think it is an affirmative action plan to favour one region. 

12. Uganda in 2017 is the only country where Government pays rent in its own property. A whole committee of parliament failed to establish who collects the rent.

13. President Amin left 27 properties in the United kingdom alone today all have been sold save for the two remaining in the Traffalgar square and the residence of the ambassador. In Belgium where  I travelled, Uganda’s property is in a sorry state and neighbours have demonstrated that the Uganda’s property is lowering the sale value in the area. Transoceanic lands  In Kenya and Nigeria have all been sold by your people.

14. Mr President, Tanzania had 200,000 Rwandese refugees in a refugee camp, they were told to leave Tanzania, Uganda absorbed all of them, they all now have national IDs. The parliament of Uganda created a land fund to buy land. The question is to buy land for who? which Ugandan is landless? Uganda is the only country in the world where refugees don’t live in refugee camps. Foreigners own land contrary to the law.  

Mr president you may read the independence speech tomorrow but you are a failure Togikwatako .

Many more independence speeches will be read after you,

Uganda did not start with  you and it will not end with you Mr. Museveni.

Hon. Odonga otto 

MP Aruu county

//———-reTwogger: 171010tko.———-

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