!2017 – Marriage is Not a Joke

reTwegger: 171129tko.


“Your wife is dead. Come to your house quick” Onyonka told Mulei over the phone.

“Dead?! What happened? How did she die?” Mulei frantically asked.

“The doctor says depression or stress. The doctor and police are here in your house. Come quick” Onyonka spoke further and hanged up the call.

Mulei was on a date with another woman. Minutes later, he had been laughing and charming that woman. But on receiving that phone call from Onyonka of his wife’s death, his face changed.

Onyonka is his close friend.

Mulei got up from the restaurant and left the woman.

“What’s wrong?” Asked the woman.

“I can’t talk” Mulei left saying.

Mulei got in his car and started driving his car in a hurry.

As Mulei drove off, he remembered how him and his wife went to the showroom to buy that same car he was driving. As he turned his steering wheel, he remembered how he used to tease his wife she drives so slowly when she drove. Those were the good days in their marriage.

“My wife is dead! My wife is dead! God..” He broke down as he drove.

He remembered the day of their wedding. The vows they made. As he turned the steering wheel, he looked on his finger and didn’t see his wedding ring. The wedding ring he removed to lie to other women he is single.

Mulei remembered how he would heartlessly tell his wife that he has the right to have fun. How he would break his wife’s heart and not care.

“My wife is dead! My wife is dead! Why God why?” He sought for an answer.

The answer came to him. He remembered what Onyonka had told him. That his wife probably died of stress and depression. In that case, Mulei killed her.

“I killed my own wife. God I am sorry…” He pleaded as he drove even faster.

Mulei remembered how things got ugly in his marriage. How love left their home. How they started arguing. The four times he has slapped her. The monster he was to his wife and children. He felt he needed to stamp his authority in his house, then that need turned into disrespect to his wife, then disrespect turned into abuse, then abuse turned into ulcers.

She developed ulcers because of the pain he caused her. Her health deteriorated but he didn’t care, he was too proud to apologize, he despised her as he chased after the admiration from other women. He had turned from a loving husband into a heartless stranger to her. She is dead.

As he switched lanes and turned corners, he thought to himself how her ulcers must have turned into stress then into depression. When he went to ask for her hand in marriage, she was beautiful, loving and full of life; only for him to marry her, ruin her, break her and kill her.

How did she die? He wouldn’t know because he hasn’t been at his home for a week. She kept sending him messages, pleading, begging but her cries fell on deaf years. She was such a nag, but he turned her into a nag. She was just a nagging woman desperate to save her marriage. Now she is dead.

“What will I do with our four children?” He thought to himself. The four children he has been neglecting because he has been busy having fun. He got to appreciate the work his wife has been doing raising the children. Who will raise his children? The women he has been fooling around with can’t raise his children, they are not marriage material. Marriage material women don’t break another woman’s marriage.

What will the parents of his dead wife think? What will people think? What does God think? This is how it ends? A marriage comes to this? A dead wife?

Mulei parked his car. Got out of his car. Ran to his house.

He opened the gate. Opened the door. He found Onyonka, his close friend standing in the corridor of his house.

“What happened? She can’t be dead. She can’t be dead. What will I do?” Mulei said restless.

Onyonka hugged Mulei.

“Are you OK?” Onyonka asked.

“How can I be OK? My wife is dead. The mother of my kids is dead? Where is her body?” Mulei said losing breath.

“In the living room” Onyonka answered.

Mulei rushed to the living room.


He saw his wife alive. Sitting on the sofa with Onyonka’s wife next to her.

“You’re not dead?!” Mulei said in shock.

“No she isn’t. But if you both continue like this she might. Your wife hasn’t been well at all. She has been trying to reach you but you have ignored her. The news of her death made you run to her. If only you were running to her for life and not death” said Onyonka.

Mulei knelt down before his wife and touched her face. At first she resisted.

“I hope the scary journey coming home thinking she is dead will remind you of what is important. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do what is right. You have a second chance” said Onyonka’s wife.

Mulei held his wife’s hand.

“Marriage is not a joke you two. Stop playing games with lives. Tomorrow is not guaranteed” added Onyonka’s wife.

“You two have a problem. You’ve become comfortable hurting each other and hurting people. Tomorrow may never be there for you to say sorry” said Onyonka.

“And when you meet your Heavenly Father, when you meet God. Mulei, one of the things God will ask you is how did you treat your wife? She is God’s daughter” spoke Onyonka’s wife.

“And Mrs. Mulei God will ask you about how you treated your husband. You have the same problem. You go around making enemies, breaking relationships, hurting people and walking away. You cry about your husband disrespecting you, yet you disrespect your mother. Repeatedly you have insulted my wife for no reason despite all she has been through with you. This don’t care attitude will make you regret one day. One day your mom will die, so will my wife, so will all of us. It is not wishing for death, it is the reality. When people are alive love them. Love them” said Onyonka.

Mrs. Mulei turned to Mrs. Onyonka and said “I am sorry. Forgive me. Thank you for planning this idea of my fake death to wake up my husband. I love him but got tired of his hurt. You have been a true friend”

Mrs. Onyonka hugged Mrs. Mulei.

“You two need to agree. Will you remain married and act like married couples, or will you break your marriage off for good? All or nothing, either you are fully in or not.

Mulei hugged his wife tightly saying, “I am sorry. I don’t want to lose you. Today I have seen my family fall apart. I was blind but now I see. Don’t die on me please. I will do better”

“You have alot of ulcers to heal. You have hurt me so much but I still love you, our children love you. I am sorry for all the wrongs I have done to you too in anger and making things complicated. We vowed till death do us part. It will not be easy, but our marriage is worth it. We both messed up. We both can heal this family” said Mulei’s wife.

Mulei and the wife hugged.

“My wife and I will leave now, and let you two do what married couples do best” said Mr. Onyonka.

Love your spouse, honour your parents, bless your children, cherish your friends; They are our world.

//———-reTwegger: 171129tko———-

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