!2018 – Uganda PLE Results of 2017 Exams

2018 – Uganda PLE Results of 2017 Exams

reTwogger: 180114tko


Abim DIV 1: 71 DIV2: 823 DIV3: 252  DIV4: 145

Adjumani DIV1: 143 DIV2: 1759 DIV3: 1145 DIV4: 1033

Agago DIV1: 35 DIV2: 1357 DIV3: 827 DIV4: 805

Alebtong DIV1: 45 DIV2: 1465 DIV3: 893 DIV4: 877

Amolatar DIV1: 72 DIV2: 899 DIV3: 521 DIV4: 

Amudat DIV1: 2 DIV2: 115 DIV3: 50 DIV4: 48

Amuria DIV1: 75 DIV2: 1994 DIV3: 1560 DIV4: 1146

Amuru  DIV1: 47 DIV2: 1312 DIV3: 730 DIV4: 664

Apac DIV1: 73 DIV2: 1885 DIV3: 925 DIV4: 758

Apac Municipality DIV1: 57 DIV2: 520 DIV3: 198 DIV4: 135

Arua DIV1: 122 DIV2: 3785 DIV3: 2813 DIV4: 2281

Arua Municipality DIV1: 264 DIV2: 1633 DIV3: 574 DIV4: 320

Budaka DIV1:157 DIV2:1662 DIV3:1162 DIV4:862

Bududa DIV1:80 DIV2:965 DIV3:650 DIV4:515    

Bugiri DIV1:91 DIV2:1848 DIV3:1510 DIV4:1195

Bugiri Municipality DIV1:56 DIV2:409 DIV3:129 DIV4:39

Buhweju DIV1:128 DIV2:1026 DIV3:287 DIV4:174

Buikwe DIV1:233 DIV2:1579 DIV3:765 DIV4:644

Bukedea DIV1:118 DIV2:1058 DIV3:1113 DIV4:413

Bukomansimbi DIV1:223 DIV2:1435 DIV3:636 DIV4:497

Bukwo DIV1:31 DIV2:612 DIV3:489 DIV4:618

Bulambuli DIV1:31 DIV2:909 DIV3:566 DIV4:438

Buliisa DIV1:37 DIV2:665 DIV3:349 DIV4:227

Bundibugyo DIV1:340 DIV2:2294 DIV3:550 DIV4:621

Bushenyi Municipality DIV1:568 DIV2:548 DIV3:64 DIV4:52

Bushenyi DIV1:528 DIV2:2605 DIV3:710 DIV4:348

Busia  DIV1:209 DIV2:2355 DIV3:1293 DIV4:766

Busia Municipality DIV1:130 DIV2:828 DIV3:207 DIV4:110
Butambala DIV1:246 DIV2:1555 DIV3:628 DIV4:506

Butaleja DIV1:98 DIV2:1656 DIV3:1155 DIV4:796

Buvuma DIV1:6 DIV2:210 DIV3:144 DIV4:138

Buyende DIV1:87 DIV2:1514 DIV3:942 DIV4:639

Dokolo DIV1:79 DIV2:1312 DIV3:925 DIV4:753  

Entebbe Municipality DIV1:483 DIV2:983 DIV3:144 DIV4:48

FortPortal Municipality DIV1:559 DIV2:922 DIV3:20 DIV4:4

Gomba DIV1:146 DIV2:1477 DIV3:714 DIV4:678

Gulu DIV1:75 DIV2:993 DIV3:477 DIV4:459

Gulu Municipality DIV1:386 DIV2:1818 DIV3:284 DIV4:141

Hoima  DIV1:173 DIV2:2492 DIV3:1349 DIV4:885

Hoima Municipality DIV1:581 DIV2:1493 DIV3:424 DIV4:289

Ibanda DIV1:259 DIV2:1522 DIV3:576 DIV4:318

Ibanda Municipality DIV1:289 DIV2:1213 DIV3:293 DIV4:170

Iganga DIV1:739 DIV2:4116 DIV3:2561 DIV4:1730

Iganga Municipality DIV1:190 DIV2:730 DIV3:144 DIV4:68  

Isingiro DIV1:573 DIV2:3567 DIV3:11725 DIV4:955

Jinja DIV1:509 DIV2:4230 DIV3:2084 DIV4:1434

Jinja Municipality DIV1:271 DIV2:1107 DIV3:96 DIV4:30

Kaabong DIV1:42 DIV2:725 DIV3:224 DIV4:178

Kabale DIV1:300 DIV2:2577 DIV3:1334 DIV4:751

Kabale Municipality DIV1:584 DIV2:659 DIV3:114 DIV4:51

Kabarole DIV1:519 DIV2:4124 DIV3:912 DIV4:615

Kaberamaido DIV1:40 DIV2:1606 DIV3:1350 DIV4:985

Kagadi  DIV1:213 DIV2:2186 DIV3:1252 DIV4:807   

Kakumiro  DIV1:97 DIV2:1526 DIV3:975 DIV4:638

Kalangala DIV1:37 DIV2:230 DIV3:45 DIV4:29

Kaliro DIV1:123 DIV2:1820 DIV3:1002 DIV4:791

Kalungu DIV1:537 DIV2:2229 DIV3:937 DIV4:627

Kampala DIV1:7754 DIV2:15695 DIV3:2759 DIV4:1823

Kamuli  DIV1:279 DIV2:3460 DIV3:2631 DIV4:1798

Kamuli Municipality DIV1:253 DIV2:921 DIV3:294 DIV4:174

Kamwenge DIV1:377 DIV2:2680 DIV3:1279 DIV4:652

Kanungu DIV1:322 DIV2:2371 DIV3:1054 DIV4:451

Kapchorwa DIV1:60 DIV2:616 DIV3:322 DIV4:262

Kasese DIV1:453 DIV2:4755 DIV3:2182 DIV4:1550

Kasese Municipality DIV1:564 DIV2:1326 DIV3:179 DIV4:75

Katakwi DIV1:40 DIV2:1219 DIV3:601 DIV4:325

Kayunga DIV1:301 DIV2:2660 DIV3:1650 DIV4:1408

Kibaale DIV1:72 DIV2:781 DIV3:442 DIV4:348

Kiboga  DIV1:111 DIV2:1163 DIV3:550 DIV4:526

Kibuku DIV1:146 DIV2:1833 DIV3:986 DIV4:699  

Kira Municipality DIV1:1881 DIV2:3106 DIV3:438 DIV4:262

Kiruhura DIV1:388 DIV2:3038 DIV3:1105 DIV4:550

Kiryandongo DIV1:274 DIV2:2526 DIV3:1030 DIV4:624

Kisoro DIV1:205 DIV2:1866 DIV3:1107 DIV4:744

Kisoro Municipality DIV1:205 DIV2:251 DIV3:49 DIV4:14

Kitgum  DIV1:5 DIV2:757 DIV3:678 DIV4:751 

Kitgum Municipality DIV1:148 DIV2:566 DIV3:28 DIV4:20

Koboko DIV1:32 DIV2:619 DIV3:476 DIV4:411

Koboko Municipality DIV1:109 DIV2:745 DIV3:229 DIV4:119

Kole DIV1:97 DIV2:1572 DIV3:734 DIV4:586

Kotido DIV1:12 DIV2:214 DIV3:97 DIV4:69

Kotido Municipality DIV1:34 DIV2:258 DIV3:47 DIV4:18   

Kumi DIV1:153 DIV2:1565 DIV3:1139 DIV4:833

Kumi Municipality DIV1:97 DIV2:514 DIV3:182 DIV4:89

Kween DIV1:16 DIV2:563 DIV3:588 DIV4:696

Kyankwanzi DIV1:120 DIV2:1169 DIV3:671 DIV4:562

Kyegegwa DIV1:130 DIV2:1755 DIV3:807 DIV4:546

Kyenjojo DIV1:474 DIV2:4466 DIV3:422 DIV4:188

Lamwo DIV1:19 DIV2:985 DIV3:521 DIV4:393

Lira DIV1:269 DIV2:2637 DIV3:1173 DIV4:949

Lira Municipality DIV1:608 DIV2:1349 DIV3:167 DIV4:99

Lugazi Municipality DIV1:252 DIV2:1261 DIV3:418 DIV4:315

Luuka DIV1:115 DIV2:2100 DIV3:1568 DIV4:977

Luweero DIV1:964 DIV2:5521 DIV3:2159 DIV4:1457   

Lyantonde DIV1:202 DIV2:907 DIV3:314 DIV4:156

Makindye  DIV1:1561 DIV2:3350 DIV3:658 DIV4:439

Manafwa DIV1:153 DIV2:2138 DIV3:1531 DIV4:933

Maracha DIV1:29 DIV2:1071 DIV3:624 DIV4:431

Masaka DIV1:334 DIV2:1982 DIV3:716 DIV4:517

Masaka Municipality DIV1:1431 DIV2:1215 DIV3:157 DIV4:84

Masindi DIV1:158 DIV2:1623 DIV3:597 DIV4:340

Masindi municipality DIV1:194 DIV2:1369 DIV3:273 DIV4:111

Mayuge DIV1:312 DIV2:2961 DIV3:1985 DIV4:1734

Mbale  DIV1:191 DIV2:2517 DIV3:1735 DIV4:1313

Mbale Municipality DIV1:641 DIV2:1707 DIV3:290 DIV4:170

Mbarara DIV1:774 DIV2:3402 DIV3:779 DIV4:37

Mbarara Municipality DIV1:1590 DIV2:2407 DIV3:279 DIV4:126

Mityana DIV1:614 DIV2:2309 DIV3:539 DIV4:241  

Mityana Municipality DIV1:306 DIV2:1392 DIV3:493 DIV4:403

Moroto DIV1:43 DIV2:392 DIV3:79 DIV4:48

Moyo DIV1:50 DIV2:1001 DIV3:722 DIV4:553

Mpigi DIV1:477 DIV2:3191 DIV3:1173 DIV4:917

Mubende DIV1:321 DIV2:3889 DIV3:1944 DIV4:1561

Mubende Municipality DIV1:225 DIV2:779 DIV3:301 DIV4:210

Mukono DIV1:1376 DIV2:5266 DIV3:2018 DIV4:1486   

Mukono Municipality DIV1:1466 DIV2:2876 DIV3:404 DIV4:202

Nakapiripiriti DIV1:33 DIV2:333 DIV3:107 DIV4:90

Nakaseke DIV1:364 DIV2:2226 DIV3:852 DIV4:657

Nakasongola DIV1:285 DIV2:1569 DIV3:874 DIV4:631

Namayingo DIV1:87 DIV2:1260 DIV3:840 DIV4:695

Namutumba DIV1:172 DIV2:1781 DIV3:1286 DIV4:883

Nansana Municipality DIV1:1626 DIV2:4813 DIV3:1200 DIV4:894

Napak DIV1:44 DIV2:402 DIV3:117 DIV4:66

Nebbi  DIV1:38 DIV2:1391 DIV3:1186 DIV4:914

Nebbi Municipality DIV1:11 DIV2:386 DIV3:119 DIV4:92

Ngora DIV1:72 DIV2:1461 DIV3:925 DIV4:598

Njeru Municipality DIV1:483 DIV2:1629 DIV3:593 DIV4:423

Ntoroko DIV1:21 DIV2:661 DIV3:182 DIV4:110

Ntugamo DIV1:1019 DIV2:4874 DIV3:1954 DIV4:110

Ntugamo Municipality DIV1:177 DIV2:239 DIV3:18 DIV4:3

Nwoya  DIV1:14 DIV2:664 DIV3:506 DIV4:514

Omoro DIV1:46 DIV2:1330 DIV3:670 DIV4:582

Otuke DIV1:20 DIV2:604 DIV3:452 DIV4:355 

Oyam DIV1:120 DIV2:2159 DIV3:1217 DIV4:1141

Pader DIV1:41 DIV2:1090 DIV3:655 DIV4:803

Pallisa DIV1:129 DIV2:2609 DIV3:2190 DIV4:1525

Rakai DIV1:1185 DIV2:4504 DIV3:1587 DIV4:1158

Rubanda DIV1:216 DIV2:1488 DIV3:801 DIV4:444

Rukungiri  DIV1:671 DIV2:3260 DIV3:1370 DIV4:630

Rukungiri Municipality DIV1:373 DIV2:457 DIV3:80 DIV4:14

Sheema IV1:607 DIV2:1937 DIV3:501 DIV4:298

Sheema Municipality DIV1:417 DIV2:1141 DIV3:276 DIV4:140

Serere  DIV1:76 DIV2:1907 DIV3:1665 DIV4:954    

Sironko DIV1:75 DIV2:1590 DIV3:1219 DIV4:646

Soroti  DIV1:103 DIV2:1810 DIV3:1354 DIV4:868

Soroti Municipality DIV1:223 DIV2:1145 DIV3:242 DIV4:116

Ssembabule DIV1:339 DIV2:2009 DIV3:970 DIV4:660

Tororo DIV1:250 DIV2:2654 DIV3:2396 DIV4:2045

Tororo Municipality DIV1:167 DIV2:808 DIV3:343 DIV4:224

Wakiso DIV1:4370 DIV2:12466 DIV3:3088 DIV4:2131

Yumbe DIV1:451384 DIV2:1070 DIV3:821 DIV4:567

Zombo DIV1:42 DIV2:779 DIV3:589 DIV4:465

//———reTwogger: 180114tko———-

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