!2018 – 14 Rules of Engagement With Women in 2018

reTwogger: 180308tko.
Rules for interacting with women in 2018…. It’s a bit long but I suggest you read it for your own protection…


1. Don’t look at women. Looking is the male gaze, or stare rape. Keep your eyes at shoulder level or above at all times. DO NOT MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT. That’s “eyeballing” which is intimidation.

2. Don’t speak to them unless absolutely necessary. Speaking to a woman is verbal harassment.

3. DO NOT touch them for any reason. Touching of any kind is physical assault. Even to assist, defend or render medical aid. DON’T DO IT…. EVER! Keep to the “arms length or farther” separation rule at all times.

4. NEVER be alone with a woman, especially in a work environment. NEVER meet a woman from work off property unless you have witnesses.

5. NEVER openly confront or contradict a woman at work. Air any grievance you might have in writing to her supervisor. Do not mention that you have made a complaint. Never threaten…. just do… DO NOT TRY to reason with, negotiate, or explain anything to a woman. That is “mansplaining”.

6.Record all interactions with women, especially at work. Small cameras are cheap, tiny and easily deployed. Include emails, text and phone calls. screenshot everything. DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING to a thumbdrive that YOU have access to…. NOT A COMPANY DEVICE… Give copies as evidence and always retain the originals.

7. Expect other males to be secret allies or white knights for women. They will pretend to be sympathetic to you in order to set you up for an ambush, or gain intelligence a woman can use against you. They will do anything to get a pat on the head from a woman including searching your files, records, workspace etc. including conversations they can report to a higher authority.

8. HR is a womans best friend. Expect them to lodge many complaints against you and every other male in the workplace. It is standard procedure. HR is NOT your friend.

9. Do not stand directly facing a female. Always face slightly away. Keep your hands down and do not make any gesture with them. Pointing, waving etc. She can say you were physically intimidating her.

10. NEVER SHOW EMOTION OR RAISE YOUR VOICE. Remain civil, polite and soft spoken even if you are not addressing a woman directly. Be as robotic as possible when a woman and her allies are around.

11. DO NOT BE “HELPFUL”. That is how they sucker you in. If a woman is struggling, let her. She doesn’t need your help.

12. Enter and exit the workplace quickly and quietly. Transitional spaces is where ambushes happen. You may say or do something off the cuff that will cost you. They intentionally target you during these times. Just because the shift has ended, doesn’t mean the danger has.

13. Hide or clean all your social media. A woman who is targeting you will do her research. DO NOT “FRIEND” CO-WORKERS. Give only personal information that is absolutely necessary. Do not talk about hobbies, sports or interests as it allows women to profile you. SHE WILL HAVE EVERYTHING IN PLACE…. BEFORE SHE ATTACKS. 

14. Remain aloof, cautiously suspicious and highly aware at ALL TIMES. 


Do not engage unless absolutely necessary! I SAY AGAIN…. DO NOT ENGAGE…

//———-reTwogger: 180308tko———-

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