!2018 – PMP Ch 9 – Communications Management Questions (Rita Ch 10)

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30 Qtns:

Q29. If a project manager wants to report on the actual project results vs. planned results, she should use a:

A. Trend report
B. Forecasting report
C. Status report
D. Variance report

Answer D

This situation describes the need to “compare,” A trend report (choice A) shows performance over time. A forecasting report (choice B) looks only to the future. A status report (choice C) is generally static (relating to a moment in time). The only choice that compares project results is a variance analysis (choice D).

30. A particular stakeholder has a reputation for making many changes on projects. What is the BEST approach a project manager can take at the beginning of the project to manage this situation?

A. Say “No” to the stakeholder a few times to dissuade him from submitting more changes
B. Get the stakeholder involved in the project as early as possible
C. Talk to the stakeholder’s boss to find ways to direct the stakeholder’s activities to another project
D. Ask that the stakeholder not be included in the stakeholder listing

Answer B

We cannot avoid the stakeholder (choices C and D), because he has a stake in the project. A project manager can say “No”‘ (choice A), but this does not solve the root cause. There may be some good ideas within those changes. The only choice that deals with the problem is choice B. Changes are not bad! Changes normally come from lack of input at the beginning of the project.
If we begin effective communication with this stakeholder early (choice B), we stand a much better chance of discovering his changes during the planning process, when they will have less of an impact on the project.

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