!2019 – Protecting the Earth_1

Retwogger: 190102tko.

What say you for Humanity in 2019?

I like the entire world to rid itself of corruption that leads to destruction of our beautiful Earth. GMO must be banned on planet Earth and let’s restore our safe food systems. Deforestation of Amazon and other Global Forests must stop. Vaccination has toxins in them so must be checked now. We want love, gratitude and respect for one another.

Old Dirty filthy-hand corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats should be rejected and ejected off the stage same goes for phony Scientists.
Lets clean up our blue oceans and leave no child behind(Education & Health).

Let’s get rid of diseases like cancer and poliomaelitis as well TB and Arthritis and their causes.

We must stop all wars on Earth as Bombs and Guns don’t solve problems shall we? American-Saudi-UK led Yemen carnage must stop now. Wars in Lybia and Syria must end now. Wars in Mali and Togo and ethnic cleansing in Sudan and South Sudan we must end them now. Political and Economic interferences in other nations must stop.
We must also start ridding ourselves of the use of Fossilized fuels and design new smart sustainable energy sources real quick.

“Save Environment. Save Humanity now.”

Written for Avaaz. Shared for the World.

//———-Retwogger: 190102tko.———-

Our beautiful blue planet Earth with her wonderful daughter-moon.

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