O》2016 – Mark 11:23


One of the most profound truths revealed to us in God’s word as evident in the teachings of Jesus is that we can have what we say. As a Christian, your words are not empty; what you say comes to pass. You can talk to anything, including your body. You can talk to negative situations such sickness and disease, and they will surely obey you.

Someone may say, “I have a growth in my stomach and it’s hurting so bad, the doctor says it is cancer.” Stop talking about the growth; talk to it instead. Tell it to die and pass out of your body!

In mark 11:23, Jesus didn’t say we should talk about the mountain or say what the mountain is doing; he said, “Talk to the mountain! Tell it to move.” In same way, don’t complain about the severity of the pain or trouble you‘re feeling in your body. Talk to your body; tell the pain to cease and tell your body to function rightly in line with the life of God that’s in your spirit. Remember, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It’s not for Sickness, disease or infirmity.

You are too beautiful to be sick, diseased or afflicted. Therefore, never condone sickness or disease in your body. Reject it with all vehemence. Someone said,” I always wake up with headaches whenever I sleep; I don’t understand why!” Stop talking about the headache; talk to it! “Say In the name of Jesus, I am not going to wake up with another headache in my life!”

Or maybe you always have to take certain pills before you can sleep; you ought to say,” No! Body, in the name of Jesus, you will function without these pills!” And then you go ahead and tell your eyes what to do. Tell them to go to sleep in the name of Jesus and they will. You must learn to use your mouth to keep sickness and disease away from your life by talking to your body. 

Good morning.